CREATE A 6 FIGURE PROPERTY INCOME IN 2 YEARS OR LESS 31st March 2015, 6:30pm - 9pm, 332 West Barnes Lane Motspur Park, New Malden KT3 6NB


Gain access to our private inner circle showing you how we build our sporting clients a £100,000 a year income and a minimum £500,000 CASH equity pot in just 2 to 3 years using the proven Elite property Retirement Strategies and learn how you can achieve this to.

Over the past 3 years I’ve been working for private clients within the sporting world helping them take advantage of the low property prices and high rental demand currently available to those with access to cash.

I've built my clients millions of pounds in equity and up to £100,000 per annum in rental income alone and now I’m offering you the chance to follow my exact strategy I use within the property market to get similar results.

So far this year alone my private clients have made over £300,000 in profit when we used the Elite strategies to purchase and sell this Surrey property below.

I invite you to attend our free 2 hour property presentation where we share the latest strategies Elite are currently using and give a full insight into how we run our developments and investments on a day to day basis. This really is a ‘behind the scenes’ presentation, where you get to see a real life property development company in action.

In 12 years of playing professional football, no Agent, no financial adviser or Estate Agents ever told me these strategies were possible or even existed, had it not been for an amazing mentor who introduced me to the possibilities within property I would have never have had the opportunity or knowledge I have today to share with you this valuable information. You see, after buying my first property at the age of 19 I’ve now been in the property market for over 20 years and developed what I call the secret retirement strategy.

This strategy has been refined over many years and just like fine wine always maturing and getting better with age.

I originally created this strategy for myself as I realised as I was approaching the end of my football career and although I had a large property portfolio it was actually going to send me broke due to the lack of rental income over mortgage outgoings. Whist playing professional football this was never an issue as I had my football income to cover any shortfall but once the wages stopped it was clear my portfolio albeit very profitable on paper due to the equity that existed the grand old saying CASH IS KING was ringing through.

It was at this point I knew I had to take drastic action and this is when the retirement strategy for professional sports athletes was born.

I’ve now adjusted my step by step Property Retirement plan to allow anyone with passion, determination and desire to be able to follow and achieve their goals within the property market.

Alongside our free 2 hour property workshop we also mentor a small number of private clients for whom they wish to take our strategies and implement them successfully themselves.

2 Hour Workshop Overview

This 2 Hour Workshop Overview is designed to support and help you achieve your goals and objectives in the property investing world, we touch on all aspects of property investing and the strategies Elite use every day to achieve success over the last 15 years will help you fast-track your way to financial freedom.

In this 2 Hour Workshop we focus upon clear wealth generating property strategies to take advantage of this property boom market right now. These Include:

  • How To Get Started With Little Or No Money
  • What Are The Major Things To Avoid?
  • How To Generate A 6 Figure Income In 2 To 3 Years
  • How To Maximise Your Profits
  • The Best Lease Option Strategies
  • How To Add Value
  • How To Buy Under Market Value Property
  • Business Planning and Goal setting
  • Joint Venture and Limited Company Overview & Structures
  • Sourcing discounted deals from Estate Agents
  • Buy, Refurb and Sell to make serious money now
  • The secret to Getting mortgage companies to throw money at you!!
  • The secret lines to tell the agents so you are first on their list to call!!
  • The Retirement strategy that has helped myself and my sporting clients retire with a smile

All this and plenty more...

If you are interested in attending one of our free 2 hour behind the screens property workshops to find out more on how our clients are making a incredible profit in this current market, the current strategies we are using as a company to make serious cash and how you can join our team please book on the next available course by entering your details below or call the office for more information.

Wishing you all the success in property

Carl Hutchings