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About Us

Elite has been setup by a team of ex-professional sports athletes and Entrepreneurs that understand the lifestyle and challenges that face our professional clients.

As a former Professional football player and now successful Entrepreneur, CEO Carl Hutchings had a professional career that extended over 12 years making over 350 league appearances. Carl is keen to see all professional athletes take responsibility for their personal long term financial future in the same way they do their professional careers.

Carl said "There are too many people out there call themselves professional money managers or financial advisers when really all they are interested in is the commission they receive when opening a new Pension or Isa account!!.

I encourage all our members to learn about investment, if not only to be able to ask more intelligent questions next time they are approached by an investment adviser."

At elite we have put together a product that empowers all your members with knowledge and expertise to be able to invest with a more astute attitude or employ the services of others with more confidence and understanding in what they require from their Investments.

Over the last seven years Carl Hutchings has produced great results within the property market and has now made available his systematic proven strategy to business partners and clients within the sporting world who wish to continue living their success story well after their sporting career has finished.